Co-creation Days Sweden-Brazil 2020

During the Sweden Brazil Innovation Weeks 2020, Vinnova, the Embassy of Sweden in Brazil, and several partners held the Co-Creation Days Sweden-Brazil on 11 and 12 November.

The Co-Creation Days promoted webinars and discussion panels focusing on Mission Oriented Research and Innovation Approach to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals" and "Co-Creation with System Innovation". Following four panels were developed focusing the future collaboration between Sweden and Brazil within bioeconomy, smart cities, health and mining.

Mission Oriented Research and Innovationx

Opening by Swedish Minister of Enterprise and Innovation Ibrahim Baylan and Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology.

Joakim Appelquist, Vinnova
Caetano Penna, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

Panel discussion about smart cities and mission oriented innovation

Christina Öhman, RISE

Östen Ekengren, CEO of Smart City Sweden
Staffan Filipsson, IVL
José Gustavo Gontijo, MCTI
Paulo José Pereira Curado, CPqD
David Taff, Siemens

Panel discussion about bioeconomy and mission oriented innovation

OBS: For technical reasons we do unfortunately miss the first 15 minutes of the webinar

Anna Wiberg, Program Director at BioInnovation

Sverker Danielsson, Program Director at Swedish Forest Industry
Johanna Mossberg, Vice President Biorefinery and Energy at RISE
Bruno Nunes, CGBE/MCTI
Thiago Falda, President of the Brazilian Bioinnovation Association ABBI
Eduardo Couto, LNBR/CNPEM

Panel discussion about Health and mission oriented innovation

Ebba Carbonnier, Portfolio Leader at Swelife

Peter Kjäll, RISE SICS
Isis Amer-Wåhlin, RISE
José Gustavo Gontijo, SEMPI/MCTI
Marco Bego, InovaHC
Luiz Messina, RUTE/RNP

Panel discussion about sustainable mining and mission oriented innovation

Karin Willquist, RISE

Jonas Ranggård, Head of Energy at Boliden
Jenny Greberg, Program Director at Swedish Mining Innovation
Claudio Schneider, CETEM
Mauricio Duarte, Vale S.A.
Eduardo Soriano, MCTI

Sweden-Brazil digital matchmaking 2020

SBII Digital Matchmaking is an opportunity to enhance the cooperation between Brazil and Sweden, especially for the institutions interested in participating in the Vinnova-Embrapii Call. The matchmaking will take place on Thursday 22nd of October, 09.00-12.00 Brazilian time and 14.00-17.00 Swedish time.

The website for the digital matchmaking event is open for registration: It’s important to register to the matchmaking site as soon as possible and to update the profile when registering. It’s also essential to write what you are looking for. Each participant will have the maximum of 8 meetings of 20 minutes each. The participant is free to book meetings that suit their needs.

The booking of the meetings will start on October 15.

The Matchmaking will start off with a short introduction and then the 1-to-1 meetings will go on as they are booked and scheduled by the participants. All the meetings will be done via the B2Match-website and no downloading is needed. Finally, the event is free of charge.

Brazil & Sweden partnership
Interview with Regina Summer from Vinnova

SBII interviewed Regina Summer, programme manager at Vinnova (Swedish Innovation Agency) to explain a little more about the Brazil-Sweden partnership and its initiatives.

Could you explain for the Brazilians what Vinnova is?
Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency, responsible for the movement of the country's innovative capacity, financing and coordinating different innovation initiatives.

How is Vinnova linked to Brazil?
Sweden and Brazil have signed a strategic partnership with the objective of increased collaboration and knowledge exchange, this on industry, research and development, cultural, social and political level. Vinnova’s role is to create new partnerships and develop innovation collaborations.

And what about SBII, a project funded by Vinnova since 2019?
The initiative’s purpose is to create and develop innovation collaborations between Swedish and Brazilian actors. CISB has the local network and important knowledge of the Brazilian innovation system. The joint platform is also composed by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), which brings several Swedish research centres under one institution and the Sweden’s Offices of Science and Innovation (OSI-Brasilia), present at the country's Embassy in Brasilia, which aims to strengthen Swedish connections with the rest of the world with regard to international strategic science, innovation and higher education.

Finally, what are the events that Vinnova will coordinate during IW2020?
Vinnova’s focus is to open up for innovation that makes a difference and reaching the Sustainable Development Goals are part of this. During our “Co-creation days” we want to raise the importance of mobilizing for system innovation. On the 11-12th of November we will together with the Embassy of Sweden in Brazil host seminars and panel discussions focusing on different ways to develop the collaboration within bioeconomy, smart cities, health and sustainable mining with MCTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil) and Brazil. More information on:

Sweden invites the world to new innovation collaborations within AI

Sweden Innovation Days will take place on 17-19 November. The goal of these days is to establish bilateral relationships between innovation hubs in Sweden and around the world, and to initiate more innovation collaborations in the AI area.

Sweden Innovation Days is an event that will put Sweden as a leading innovation country on the map. The program for the three-day event includes seminars, keynotes, workshops and a matchmaking session where Swedish startups and large companies will have the opportunity to meet new collaboration partners from 10 different countries, including Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, and the USA.

“Beyond the covid19 crisis, we need a green and digital restart of our society. We will make Sweden the first fossil-free welfare country in the world and the best in the world in exploiting the opportunities of digitalisation. Digital solutions, especially within AI, play a key role in solving the climate challenge and creating a cohesive society”, says Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation of Sweden.

Sweden Innovation Days is organized by Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova, AI Innovation of Sweden, Ignite Sweden, SISP -Swedish Incubators & Science Parks and the Swedish Energy Agency. The goal is to develop new forms of collaboration, initiate new innovation collaborations and attract talent to Sweden.